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I want someone close to my age!!!! Is that so hard????

So one night I was online and I got a message to chat so I clicked yes.  This guy was 61 (I’m 53 soon to be 54).  He seemed nice but he was too old (I guess it’s the cougar in me coming out).  He wrote a very nice email.  He was from Sweden (I think).   His kids were grown and I think he said he lived in Fenton (if that’s true).  He then tells me how lonely he is.  OMG!!  He would definitely smother my groove.  So I politely emailed him back and told I was looking for someone closer to my age and good luck in his search.  Well he emails me back and says age is nothing and goes on and on and once again mentions how lonely he was.  So I blocked his email so he couldn’t email me and blocked him on the site.  Done. I get another email from a lady who has a friend who also saw my profile and thought I was beautiful.  Give me a break.  She tells me all these wonderful things about him and I should surprise him and email him.  Okay, what the heck.  This will make a great story for my b

Part 2

A few days later I get a message from a guy on Match he said he met someone from here and is getting married next month but he said his friend was looking over his shoulder and saw my picture on the site and thought I was gorgeous.  He said I should surprise him and contact him.  He gave me his email.  I thought about it and though sure what the heck.  So I emailed him.  He was very surprised to hear from me and glad.  He sends a very nice email and tells me all about him.  Once again going on about how beautiful I am.  (I know I know).  We exchanged a few emails.  Of course he lives in Canada.  What a surprise.  I googled and him didn’t find out a whole lot about him but he did really live in Canada.  Well one night I emailed him back and told him about the scammer I encountered.  What a surprise but I never heard from him again.  Hmm.  Another scammer?  Who knows?  Who cares?   That’s when I thought I should really do a blog about this.  I thought maybe this would get me on t

My Online Dating Stories...

Okay, so I started a little project in August and decided to start a blog about it.   After breaking up with my last boyfriend in 2011 I took time to be selfish and not date anyone.   It was good.   Then I thought I think I’m ready to get back out there, though my daughter isn’t ready for me too.   Anyway, here is my story and yes it’s all true.   I am not putting down any sites either.   I am sure all of them have their success stories and do work.   I work with a girl who met her fiancĂ© on e-harmony.   Now I’m NOT looking for a husband but I would like someone to go out with.   So as I share my story I will add in tips.   So are you ready?   Here we go…. First off I want to say that I in NO WAY are playing any games with the men I email with.  I am sincere.  I know there are good guys out there who are honest and I hope to meet one soon.  But my stories are too funny not to share. I starting looking at profiles on the sites to see what’s out there and my first thing I reali