Part 2 of tonight's conversation

Here is the continued conversation.  Interesting how he tries to explain himself.

Sam:  S: Have you got back now. or you still busy now ? 

PATSY:  Hello


SAM:   opez: I think you have go and pick your daughter now


PATSY:  I already did.  My pies are cooking in the oven


SAM:  : Oh that's very  great   I hope is your daughter doing well ?

PATSY: she is.  some of her friends are over

PATSY so what time is where you are?

SAM:  Thank God

PATSY do you have a picture of you in your uniform?


SAM:  : Yes, I have it  and do you also have  pictures of you ?

PATSY:   All of my pictures are on POF

SAM:  : Oh okay

PATSY:   Send me one of yours in your uniform.  You know us girls can't resist a man in uniform


SAM:  : I am about to put on my uniform and take some of me out side in our base and send to you now..

SAM:  : Can't you also take some with your phone and send to me here

PATSY:  so will they do anything special for you all tomorrow?  (Actually it is tomorrow for you already). 


SAM:  : It was morning here now.. and what says your time there also now ?


PATSY: It is 9:10 p.m. here. 


SAM:  : Oh I see

SAM:  : anything special like what do you think ?

PATSY:  Don't you know what tomorrow is?


SAM:  : I know that tomorrow is Thanks Giving  right

PATSY: Yes.  Do they make a special meal for you all?

PATSY: Does your family live in St. Louis?  Do you have any brothers or sisters?


SAM:  : Yes, they did but not that much special like yours but is cool


SAM:  : I have lost whole of my family. so now I am alone


PATYS: Can I ask you a question?


SAM:  : Yes, please you can ask me anything you want

PATSY:  Are you really in the army?  Your story sounds like seven others I've heard on POF.  I don't like guys posing as our hard working military.

SAM:  Of course. I am in the Army since my kid time till now.

SAM:  : I hate lies and games in my life.

 SAM:  : sometimes some people pretend trying to spoil our working name.. 

SAM:  : I think you have to be very careful for yourself.

sam • 9 mins

The way you write doesn't sound like an American.

SAM:  : Is not allowed for us to even joined any online dating site...

SAM:  : Yes, my I was born in Italy and grow up in Fenton.

SAM:  : I am not much perfect in English..

PATSY:  But your name is Hispanic and not italian


SAM:  : It was Italian.. Lopez was a Latino name


( What high school did you go to here?

SAM: Fenton High School in Bensenville IL

SAM:  : And you ?

SAM:  : The network is very bad

 ( St. MAry's


SAM:  : Oh that's very good

 ( Where is Bensenville?  I thought you from Fenton, MO


SAM:  : I want a serious honest person who is truthful to build a Trust issues with and  share the rest of my life with.

SAM:  : Yes,that was Louis


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