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Check out this website

I found this tonight and wanted to share it.  It has stories of women who actually sent money to these scammers.  Read it and share it. REMEMBER:  DON'T SEND MONEY TO SOMEONE YOU'VE NEVER MET OR DON'T KNOW!!!!

Today's story

So today I was contacted by a man names Kelly Jaskson.  (Yes that is how he spelled it.  First red flag right there).  We exchanged a few messages through POF then he wanted my email so I gave it to him.  He sent me more pictures at my request.  And now his long sad story in his email to me: Thanks for your contact on the site. I am also impress to have such kind of communication with you and i can see that we both have met on fate and i am taking this opportunity to tell you a brief about my life as we are both behind the screen trying to know more about each other .... . I would be glad if you send me more pictures of yourself.  I'm Kelly born and raised in Panama City,FL on 30 June, 1959. I am a divorced I went to Catholic high school and college in Florida. Am the son of the late commander of Air Force in Florida and mom a Canadian woman who was a University Teacher . I studied politics , economics at Florida College , before working with NATO in the U.S Army as an Engi

Car sticker for your car

      This is the car sticker I had made at  Right now I only 8 and am giving them to friends, but I plan to have more made.  So if you want one (and they are FREE), you can email me at stargatelady and I will mail you one when I get them.  All I ask if that you put it on your car or somewhere where it can be seen by all.        


So out of the blue yesterday I get an email from Paul Skroch (One of the latest liars).   He sends me an email telling me to click on the link to view more photos he took.   Now ladies (and guys) you know never to click on a link from someone you don’t know.   I work in IT so I definitely know that. So here is another tip:   DO NOT CLICK ON LINKS IN EMAILS FROM GUY/GALS YOU DON’T KNOW. Anyway I blocked him from emailing me.   Normally I do that and I forgot this time.   Well he is blocked now.   Another tip, after you find out someone isn't who they say they are, BLOCK THEM.  Block them in your email and your phone (if you text).    Happy Saturday!!!!!

Online Dating tips

Okay, so I have a suggestion if you are on the site Plenty of Fish (POF).   Okay there is a meet me feature.   When you click yes it sends a message to the person picture you clicked it on.   Please read the profile first before clicking yes.   I had 2 guys this week click the meet me button and didn’t view my profile.   So I viewed theirs and responded back.   So I checked the next day.   They read my message, looked at my profile and the nothing.   LOL!!   It’s a good thing I don’t take it personally.   I am going to review some tips I gave in my earlier blogs and add some more.   These are my opinion only.   1.    Guys:   Post better pictures of yourselves.   You are trying to show the girls what a great guy you are so show it.   SMILE!!   Now keep your shirts on.   Yeah you have a nice body but leave a little mystery there.   And don’t post pictures of you with old girlfriends or who look like they could be an old girlfriend or wife.   (If they aren’t, state who they are in

Liars Wall of Disdain!!!

Okay, so I had a friend suggest that I post pictures of they guys who I found out were scammers.  I don't have them all but this is what I had saved. PLEASE NOTE :  These pictures are stolen by the scammers to use and these guys aren't the bad guys. Updated 10-9-17  
I had new business cards printed up by a company I found online and they look awesome!!!!  I also ordered a dozens pens advertising my blog to see what they would look like.  I love them.  What do you think? So now when I pass out my card I may include a pen.  We'll see.

And now Guy # 3 - George

Now the other 2 contacted me first on POF, but this one I contacted.  I saw he claimed to be in the army so I sent him a message to see what would happen.  Well after 2 mornings of just hellos and how are you, today was more interesting.  This is the text we exchanged today.  And this was a first for me.  Ihope you can read this.  I did screen shots into power point and then saved it as a jpeg. After the last message I blocked him from texting me.  I noticed yesterday when I went onto POF he had blocked me on there.  But this is the first time they actually asked me for something.  I laughed when I read it.  Just when things get boring something fun happens. I can't stress enough to the ladies out there (and men) don't fall for this.  Never send money or anything to someone you've never met.  NEVER!!!

Guy #2 - Paul Skroch

Okay, so here is the email I got from this one: On 3/2/17, Paul Skroch  Hi Angel .....,  I'm so excited to read from you so soon. Please confirm you receive t his message so I could send more about me. I am looking for my second  half, a woman to spend the remaining seconds of my life with. Waiting to here from you, Smiles~ Paul Now here is his second one to me today: Hello ...., I am so happy to read from you and most importantly, to know we are both looking for the same thing in life. Where do I start from? Really, it is disturbing to go on that dating site to see how much people appreciate love, but yet, we have to go the extra mile to get this great status. I have a beautiful home in St Louis and seeks a beautiful angel, both inward and outward. Forgive my manners, my name is Paul Skroch, a global contractor.I own my construction company   I deal basically in oil platforms, rig constructions, renovations, over water bridges, inte

Guy # 1 Tony Williams

Okay, I couldn’t wait to get home from work today so I blog about a couple of guys.   I will do separate blogs for each of them. The first one is Tony Williams.   (If that’s his real name).   I have to share the 2 emails I got from him.   This is the first one: On Mar 2, 2017, at 2:32 AM, Hello, I jut need to remind   you about my profile or our chat also tell you more about   myself, My name is Tony Williams, I am 56 years old. I am   Irish National but i live and here in Lake, St.Louis   Missouri. Am divorced because my best friend slept with my   wife and i do not want to remember that day because life   goes on   >   > I have   one Daughter who live away from my home and her name is   Linda and she is 10 years old. Well I do really wished to   know you better and to meet you one of these days. I do not   care about distance as traveling is one of my hobbies. I do   travel every month because of the kind of job I do. I am a   mechanical / Electrical Engineer by p