Today's story

So today I was contacted by a man names Kelly Jaskson.  (Yes that is how he spelled it.  First red flag right there).  We exchanged a few messages through POF then he wanted my email so I gave it to him.  He sent me more pictures at my request.  And now his long sad story in his email to me:
Thanks for your contact on the site. I am also impress to have such kind of communication with you and i can see that we both have met on fate and i am taking this opportunity to tell you a brief about my life as we are both behind the screen trying to know more about each other .... . I would be glad if you send me more pictures of yourself. 
I'm Kelly born and raised in Panama City,FL on 30 June, 1959. I am a divorced I went to Catholic high school and college in Florida. Am the son of the late commander of Air Force in Florida and mom a Canadian woman who was a University Teacher . I studied politics , economics at Florida College , before working with NATO in the U.S Army as an Engineer I was also in possession of Doctorate degree in engineering, to be specific in chemicals, thus getting to the pedigrees of Ammunition of the military service. 
When i finished my degree in military college , I was employed to work with NATO whiles i was in the age of 26 years and i have work with NATO all my life. I am currently in Damascus, Syria making sure absolute peace is restored to the minimal so that the citizens would have their fundamental rights and freedom to the fullest. I am of Major in terms of rank, and solely virtue in Mechanical Engineering. I  have been to Syria since 2014 as I was in Iraq 2008 and been transfer to Damascus in Scorpion Camp on my last mission. 
 In my early life i met a Canadian woman who was staying in Tarpon Springs Florida and also work as a nurse in Florida. We get married and live a fruitful life . In our marriage it was the best i could imagine because my late wife was so kindhearted , loving and a caring woman of heart . When i went on mission working, I then had a letter from her that she can no more be with me as she has now plan to start a new relationship with another man and sent me a divorce letter. I then return back to the States and we both had our divorced. After our divorced in the court she sign a form for me to pay Alimony each
I'm the only son of my late parent.All my life have been my work and willing to locate a new life. A life of joy and happiness to start a new friendship with someone serious who has all the good characters in life and see where it's goes. I have lost all my siblings, Aunties, Nephews, Niece, Grandfather, Grandmother, Uncles, I'm seeking of a serious woman of heart besides she will understand me, I want to find a woman who can share her friendship with me. It's been a long story about my past living and have learned many things out of life.
This is a short note to inform you about my sad life and would be glad if you also tell me a little more about your life , family and work. 

These are the pictures he sent me.  I am trying to get the screen shots from the Google hangout conversation we had so hang on for that.  Not even sure it's the same guy.  LOL!!!!

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