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This weekend's newest liar

You know, you have to laugh.  Just when I think nothing is going to happen, BANG!  I get a "meet me" from POF admirer.  LOL!!  I will post the conversation below.  I hope it's readable. As you read it, you will see errors in his stories.  Especially when I call him on it several times and continues to go on. Now the funniest part about this is, these pictures have been used before by someone else who was in contact with me.  LOL!!!  I recognized the one picture right away.  You gotta laugh.  His pictures are below as well.   LOL!  Enjoy!

Why do I continue to do this?

As I continue my search on the dating sites for that one special guy, and all I keep finding are these liars and guys posing as our military I guess some wonder why I continue to do this.   I wonder that sometimes myself.   But what started out as something to try and see what happens has turned in to something more for me.   I feel like I am on a special journey.   I want to get the word out to everyone (men included), not to fall for these liars and scammers online.   Every couple of weeks I try to send my blog to different places online to advertise it.   I want to get the word out.   So that no one falls for these scammers.   So I am asking you to share my blog with everyone you know.   Send it to the masses!!!   Get the word out. This blog has become a passion for me and one I plan to continue until Mr. Right comes along.  

So what is happening?

Well a few weeks ago, I got another live one online.  This was claimed he was in the air force.  Of course he is over in Syria on a peace keeping mission.  Okay so here is first email to me.  And I didn't change the size of the font.  This is how he sent it to me.  LOL!! "Thanks for the reply today  Patsy     ,like  've said to you am still new to this. I just came in from Another  routine check here at the base station not quite long    well it's evening   time   out here at the moment 8:33PM  to be precise    .You said you have tried several dating site but  you haven't had much luck and you said there are alot of lairs , what are they lying about if you don't mind me asking and what has been your experience on the site ..Well here is more about me and my  family background  My late dad worked for the US Government for income. My late mom was a full time mom. We didn't have a lot of money, but we had a garden and cows so we were never hungry.Almost