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I have a success story!!

On my survey someone suggested sharing success stories from online dating.  So I put the word out.  This is the first one I received.  She and I went to grade and high school together. "Our story is really pretty simple.  I was living in Belleville at the time, so I said "if someone wanted to meet me, I would buy dinner, on my side of the river."   I had ended my profile with, "If you don't like tattoos, please don't contact me."    He's not a fan of tats, but contacted me any way. That was on a Friday....over the weekend we had made plans to meet at a Grizzly's game. I bought tickets and hot dogs, he bought the ID bracelet so we could have wine. We talked and laughed, we have no idea who won the game. After the game, I kissed his cheek, grabbed his face (gently) and said "I wasn't interested in long term".....we ended up going out on dates with others but always found our way back to each other. As a side

Today's Lucky Contestant is... Justice

Yes his name is Justice.  Different.  I liked it.  He was cute.  And he blocked me.  LOL!!  Why did he block me you ask?  I'll tell you. Below is a part of the short conversation we had.    So, on his profile it said he was in the army, but his message to me says he's in the Navy.  So I asked him about that.  Never heard back and then I went back to check again the message gone and he is no where to be found.  So now do we remember what he is?   Yes!  Correct!  But this one was fast. I thought about waiting to ask but you know me.  I couldn't.  

Heinrich the Nurse...

Gather around for another wonderful story.  Now ssh,  You must listen.  LOL!!!! Okay, so I get a message from a guy on POF.  We exchange phone numbers.  When I run his number through the White Page Premium, nothing comes up. So here is our conversation through text.  (Yes I already blocked him).  :)

Please take my survey

I would like to head back from my readers.  I would like to know more about you.  Please take a minute to fill out my survey.  All responses are anonymous.  Thanks!

My new hat for my blog

Just got it the mail today.

He was quick to block me

So here is a conversation I had on POF: So I had asked where he lived in MO and he said he was deployed.  So I of course thanked him for his service.  When I went back to see his response, he blocked me.  And I couldn't get a screen shot.  What a shocker.  NOT!!!  LOL!!!!

More sweet talk? Gag me. LOL!!

Here are emails from a new guy.  We'll discuss it later.  :) #1 Good Morning Patsy, I thank you very much for your response, I want to formally tell a little about myself. I want to meet with you and get to know you. I am a self employed man. I am a geologist by profession. I am hired by corporations and companies for mining contracts.  I am widowed I lost my wife through Polycystic Kidney Disease 6 years ago. My life is totally empty and i need that special woman in my life to make me whole again. And i saw that attributes in you and decided to let you know how i feel. But first we have to be friends… I believe that if your partner is your best friend then you have a lasting relationship filled with fun, inner peace and happiness. I grew up in Switzerland, I live in Springfield MO now, moved down here two years ago.. i speak a  foreign language (Romansh), you can notice my accent even in my writings...  I'm an easy going, Honest , down to earth person, I am a great

A little funny cartoon for today


Today's tip!

I have a new tip.  When you get a phone number from someone (Cell or landline), I found a place you can join to find out their last name and where they live. Now yes it does cost.  I joined just for one month.  It was 9.99 and I think I get 10 phone numbers I can search.  There are higher priced ones for 19.95 and 29.95 (click on the link and read). I was texting with a guy who sounded okay and I wanted to do a little snooping to see.  I usually google the phone number and came across this site.  So I thought it would give it try. It gives out last names so I can search on the web or facebook to see what you can find out about them.  See if they are real or not.  I am not getting any kickbacks to mentioning them but I thought it was a good tool to use.  Nowadays with so many scammers and liars it never hurts to do your research a little more thoroughly. I think I should be in the detective business instead of the secretarial busin

While I was on vacation...

I meant to post that I would be out of town for a week and forgot.  I just got back from Disney World with my daughter.  We had a great time. Anyway, while I was gone I got an email from an oldie (someone who has contacted me the past).  Paul Skroch.  He emails me a link to click on.  Now what is my rule about this clicking on links from someone you don't know?  DON'T CLICK ON THEM!!  Right!!!  So I just deleted it. Now for something new.  The picture below is from one guy.  He keeps changing his name on his profile with a new picture and clicking the meet me button for me.  I think he's done this about 10 times.  I finally messaged him once and said I wasn't interested and I know he keeps changing his name and picture.  Well he responds back that he is married and doesn't know what I'm talking about.  LOL!   I didn't respond back but blocked him.  Anyway he is a player so if you run across him on the sites, ignore him.