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I posted a video!

I really like doing videos.  I think when a person tells you story and you hear them say it. it is much better.  At least I think so.  :)\ Be sure to take my survey if you haven't. Today's video

Today's contestant on "Try to Fool the Stargatelady" is: Sylvester Muller

Okay I sent a message to this guy.  Of course they want to email.  So here is the first email: Hello Pasty How are you doing ? Thank you responding to my   personal email,Sorry for the delay to my respond .My names are Syvester Muller, I 'm a widower as you see in my profile,I have one child her name is Kelly she is 16,I live in Virginia Beach alone with my daughter,My family lives in Miami,lost my dad few years ago. I'm general and optimistic person with a great sense of humor seeking someone to enthrone as my queen,I have been single for three years now, I was Married for 17 years it hurt so bad for you to lost someone you love,well life is such a gift, I'm Self-Employ I'm into oil/Gas distribution and also work contract work for various oil/gas company, I'm open for a long distance relationship i have been through it before with my late wife so i can do it more better. My late wife pass away by cancer it was very painful but such is life, My Birthday

Another success story

I met Sally on the Next Door app for our neighborhood.   She sent me a private message and we've chatted several times about the crazy people on dating site.  Below is her success story that she shared with me.   "I met Dave on POF or Plenty of Fish.  We talked a few times and decided to meet for dinner.  I had some medical issues that I told him about before meeting and seemed to accept them.  He told me about his, but after talking to him, I forgot all about those.  We met for dinner and instantly connected.  We laughed and talked and decided to go for a drive to talk some more.  That is when I finally realized he was missing a leg.  Call me the unaware.  We started dating and talking regularly, I was spending weekends with him and really getting to know each other.  I guess you can say I was really falling for him, my feelings ran deep.  When he told me he loved me, the dog and I were playing on the floor and it shocked me.  I looked up and had tears in my eyes, it

Another success story!!! They say timing is everything. It was with Brian and Debby.

They say timing is everything.   It was with Brian and Debby.   I’ve known Brian since the 80s when we worked together.   After his wife Sue passed away he took time to move on.   When he was ready to date again he decided to join a dating site.   He joined   He had several dates but no sparks with any of them.   One girl he went out with they met at a parking lot and he drove them to Sikeston to eat at Lammerts (Home of the Throwed Rolls).   As soon as they came back to her car, she couldn’t get out of the car fastest and into her car.   Brian had no idea what was going on.   Like all us in the dating scene you think you’ll never meet anyone. Then came along Debby.   She messaged him first on Match.   She wasn’t in the age range he was looking for.   She missed the cut off by one year.   But she went ahead and messaged him.   When Brian saw the message, he checked out her picture and profile and was definitely interested.   He couldn’t wait to meet her.

My conversation with Steven the Scammer

Here is the conversation.  And of course his picture will be added to the Liars Wall of Disdain.    

Adding a new tip

As I mentioned in my video, my friend Darin from work is an Army Vet so when I have questions I ask him.  Here is a good tip fro my friend Darin : "Ask him where he is deployed, specifically which FOB.  FOB stands for Forward Operating Base so if he says he is at one of these he has no cell phone capabilities.  If he doesn't even know what he means you got him there too!" Thank you Darin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got a live one!!!!!!!!!!!

This is on my You Tube channel.  For some reason uploading here won't work. Click on the link below to see my video I GOT A LIVE ONE!!!

If you haven't taken my survey yet - please do!!!

I would like to head back from my readers.  I would like to know more about you.  Please take a minute to fill out my survey.  All responses are anonymous.  Thanks!

He's back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For a third time.  LOL!!  So earlier today I saw an alert that someone viewed me.  It was this guy!  LOL!!!  So I went and viewed him again.  He changed his age to a younger age.  But I didn't read the rest of it. So I went back this evening to look at the pictures again and guess what?  He's gone.  He must have deleted his profile when he saw I looked at his.  He can't blocked me because we didn't have a conversation on there.  (To block someone you have to exchanged a note first). Every day is a new adventure.  What lies ahead tomorrow?

He forgot we already texted. LOL!!!

This one is short.  Unfortunately I didn't keep all the texts to copy here.  He wanted to get off site to chat as they all do. Here's a tip.  When they give you phone number, go to another phone like a work number and dial it.  What happens is it will go to a recording for you to announce your name.  It doesn't go through to the person or two voicemail.  One of the services for this if through Google.  I can't remember the other. Anyway, they are fake.  Add that to the list of tips I've published earlier.  :) Funny thing about this one.  We texted a for a bit must have forgotten who he was chatting with.  LOL!  You'll see his comment and mine below. He's history and has been added to the Liars Wall of Disdain.  :)

Jason (and no Argonauts)

I love the 1960s movie Jason and the Argonauts.  So when this guy said his name was Jason my first thought was the movie.  Here is our conversation: And of course, After my question, I never heard back.  Surprised?  Nah!