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Allow me to introduce you to David Bob Jones

Yes that's today scammer's name.  LOL!!!!  I deactivated my profiles for a while to take a break.  Last weekend I decided to reactivate them just see what's happening.  And right away David Bob Jones sent me a message on POF.  LOL!!  Well when I looked at his picture, are you ready?  This is the 3rd time this picture has been used.  LOL!!  I couldn't stop laughing.  So as the stargatelady, I played along.  Well, here are the emails.  Get your popcorn and soda ready cause here we go. Wow Patsy, You really look soo sweet and charming, I love your smile, Can you try and get hangout messenger for us to chat and get to know each other better, I'm very happy to meet you on the site dear, I really want to stay in-touch with you and see where this will lead us. My name is  David Bob Jones, I was born on the 18th of September 1967 at Baptist Hospital of Florida,I started A & A Children start 6 and later on continued from Calvary Baptist Church Schools. I was very

A new tip

If you live in Missouri, you can go to to see if the person you met has any legal issues etc.  I am not sure about other states but I know in Missouri you can check it out. You'll need their first and last night.  But this is a good tool. Missouri Case Net Be safe!!!

A scammer got sentenced to 15 years in prison!! Yeh!!!!!!!!

Just saw this on Yahoo!  Yeh!!!!!!!!!!!! Arizona Scammer sentenced to jail

Taking a break from online dating

Okay, so I decided to take a break from the online dating sites.  I've deactivated my profiles on the 2 sites that I belong too.  I've doing this since last August and decided I need a break.    Now don't worry I will still blog.  I want to blog about success stories and new tips that I come up with and any more information or research that I find.   The stargatelady isn't going away.  She just wants a break.  :)   So if you have a success you would like to share, let me know and I would love to post it.   We'll all in this to meet someone special.  Someone we can have a good time with and share fun stuff with.  And who knows maybe even fall in love.  You never know.   I plan to continue advertising my blog.  I want to share my stories and make sure no one (man or woman) fall for any scammers.  Learn from what I've learned.   So, keep reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!