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He blocked me..... HOW RUDE - LOL!!!!

These stories are always the same but have different twists here and there.  Well this guy didn't stand a chance with me. I stomped on him right away.  Didn't feel like "playing the game".  LOL!!   In red on my last text where it shows it didn't go through, that means he blocked me.  Shame on him.  Only I can do the blocking.  LOL!!!!   Now allow me to introduce you to the guy who says him name is Roy but we know he's lying.  LOL!!! Something I've notice probably the last couple of months is now I am getting guys contact me on Twitter and Facebook.  On Facebook I get friend requests from guys I don't know.  Today was one from a military guy.  DELETE!    My twitter account is for my blog here and I post my blog there often.  So you would think they'd read it before contacting me.  NOPE!   So beware of people on social media that you know.  Don't accept Facebook friend requests from someone you don't know.   

I am pleased to introduce you to my new co-hort on catching scammers

As I mentioned in my last post I joined several more scammer pages on facebook.  This person contacted me about sharing my blog on his page.  And in return I will share his facebook page here.   So I asked him a few questions and he gratuitously answered them.  He has been a great resource too.  So here we go.    Were you in the military?  If so what branch and years were you in? Are you married, do you have kids? Well, about myself. I'm a 50 something Male, married with two adult children. I am retired Military, (US Marine Corps 1980-2000) originally from the south but now live on the West Coast. I unfortunately am also disabled which means I have a lot of free time on my hands.   How did you get involved starting your facebook about the military scammers? I got into helping identify Military Romance Scammers as a sideline from also being interested in combating "Stolen Valor" where people claim to have been awarded rank and medals from

New facebook page on Military Romance Scammers

Last Sunday I found a facebook page that is about military scammers.  I joined the page and posted info on my blog.  The owner of the page contacted me privately.  He shared my info on his page to bring more traffic here.   So now I want to share his facebook page here so you can go see his stuff.    Military Romance Scammers   I am going to get more info about his page and how he got involved in the fight of this.  So stay tuned.

Survey results

The survey I put out a while back I thought I would share the results with you all. If you haven't filled it out yet, please do.  I want to hear from my readers.  Thanks!

Sign the petition to try and stop online scammers

Hello, I just signed the petition, “Responsibilities Required From Social Media Regarding Military Romance Scamming.” I think this is important. Will you sign it too? Here’s the link: Thanks, Patsy

October 8 - my one year anniversary for blogging

On October 8, 2017 I will be celebrating my one year anniversary of blogging about my online dating experiences.  My stories that I share you with all have been hilarious, crazy, entertaining and fun.     I want to do something special for my anniversary.  But I need ideas from you.  Should we have a get together at the Park to celebrate?  Any of my local readers could come and share stories and I would love to meet my readers.   Or is there something else I should do?  I want your ideas.  So comment here on the blog or email me your suggestions at .   I'm trying to decide where to go from here.  I had thoughts when I first started this about starting my own dating site but I would need IT help.  I'd like to design a site where members identifies would be verified and make it harder for fakers to get on.  Make it a place where men and women who really want to meet others and find their soulmate.  If you a programming background and are interest