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New Story of a Scammer from KSDK Channel 5

Channel 5 article

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!


A wonderful lady sharing her story with me.

I received this message in my facebook messenger and I wanted to share it.   Hi Patsy. I am so thankful that I googled Paul Lab and came across your blog. I suspected him right from the start. I'm wondering if you also were contacted by a Stewart Clisby supposedly in the army in Poland and to be retired in 3 months. He's and incredible piece of work as well. I am so glad that you are getting the message out to vulnerable women. thank you so much. I'll attach a photo of Stewart Clisby.     My response back:   Hi Suzanne - so nice to meet you. No He doesn't look familiar. I am surprised because I've become a magnet for these guys. LOL!!!   Her response:   Nice to meet you as well Patsy. Then you probably will meet him. He was madly in love by the third email. Very long romantic messages and as much as I would tell him that I was uncomfortable with that sort of talk from a stranger he just persisted. Finally stopped all contact with me when I t

He told me I was beautiful!!!! LOL!!!!!!

Today's contestant is Sanders James.  Yes that's how he has his name.  LOL!!   I really didn't give him a chance but as usual the grammar was terrible so I slammed him down right away.   Now this guy was from Twitter.  Now I think I said this before, they are messaging me on twitter and Instagram.  I don't think I need the dating site anymore.  LOL!!!

I received a thank you today!!!

I am so touched.  I received a facebook messenger message from a lady who ready my blog and thanked me for it.  I have copied her messages to me below.  Hello Patsy - Thank you very much for your Stargate Lady blog. I was contacted by Paul Laub today, and found your story soon thereafter. My reply to his email was to copy-and-paste his oil rigger story to you. I am certain he will be blocking me on POF shortly, but his name on that site is now JA97230. Also, the picture I have attached is the one from his POF page. In any case, I appreciated reading through your blog! Smiles   My response:   Thank you so much I’m so glad that my blog was able to help someone would it be OK if I just copied your story I won’t use your name but I just want to Your story so that people can see it at that I help people   Her response: Actually, "Paul" and I did exchange a few more emails before he finally blocked me. Something is really wrong....either he isn't English as

Today's most crazy story I've told and heard!!!!!!!!!! And he's not in the Army!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, this has to be the most crazy story.  Sit down and grab a drink cause here we go.   So all my friends know my love of Chris Evans and Chris Pratt (my cougar crushes).  I follow them on twitter.  Well a couple of weeks ago Chris Evans started following me on twitter.  (Of course we know this isn't the real Chris Evans), but I played along.  He mentioned he saw that am a big fans of his.  In the beginning I told him I didn't believe him but then I decided to play along.  So for a couple of weeks it's been boring exchange.  So this morning I get a message from him and now I would like to share it with you.  This one is a riot.     I was laughing so hard at this.  So he would give me 20% of his $20,000,000.  Really?  Did he think I would fall for that?  I guess I could have played along further just to see but I didn't and shut him down.   Here are the 2 profiles on Twitter.  You can see the difference where I mentioned it in my message above. I

Today's contestant on "Try to fool the Stargatelady"

Well this one isn't in the army but works on an oil rig.  Interesting.  But the same sad story.  LOL!!!   Take a gander. From: Paul Lab [mailto: ] Sent: Friday, October 6, 2017 4:33 AM Hi Pasty How are you doing? Thanks for the note and response to my email and i would love to know you better. I believe this could be the beginning of a good relationship. My name is Paul,  I work as a Petroleum Geologist. I consult and act as a sub contractor with Fortune 100 companies as a project Supervisor/Contractor in Rigs offshore.. I am currently working at a Rigs offshore in NY and I am retiring in 3months time. I have a son and also a brother. parents both late.I am  widower. Story for another day. :)  Let me know what you want to know about me and we can kick start.  I hope to hear from you soon and hope you are having a good and productive day. Paul    On Fri, Oct 6, 2017 at 7:24 AM, Patsy < &g

Multiple profiles - same idiot

Below is a picture of a guy from POF that I posted in June.  He constantly hits the Meet Me button on many women and I am one of them.  He continues to create more and more profiles with the same pictures. Well today out of the blue I got and message from him and once again I blocked him.  But he will just create another one. It's a good thing I am thick skinner and stuff like this just makes me laugh.   He needs a name.  Any suggestions?  Keep it clean.  :)   Here is his pictures from my June post.     As always DON'T SEND MONEY TO SOMEONE YOU DON'T KNOW!!!