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Chris Evans # 3. Will the real Chris Evans please stand up

Okay, the trolls are out in full force.  Poor Chris Evans.  I've had 3 Chris Evans fakers now.  I posted a note on his twitter and the 2nd one about it but not sure he will even see it. Anyway, here is the latest conversation.  Again I exaggerate a bit.  They can make up stories so I can too.  And here we go... One note, the picture he sent me of him, I had already had found on the internet several months ago.  I knew he was fake but I played along.  


I want to wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I am thankful to all of you who come back and continue to read my blog of crazy stories.  I love doing it and I wouldn't be successful with it, it wasn't for you.  THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today's catch

Okay so I am Ulta sitting and playing on my phone while my daughter shops.  Chatting with a liar.  LOL!! Well I took the suggestion of someone on Pinterst and asked this guy to send me a picture of himself right now holding up 3 fingers.  A minute later he blocked me.  LOL!!!!!  Here is the conversation.  And remember I am making up most stuff now, if they aren't truthful neither am I.

ARGH! Captain Joe Morgan!!!!!!!

The name reminded of a pirate.  LOL!!  Okay, so this one is from someone who contacted me on Instagram.  Now this time I decided to tell lies myself.  And here we go: Guess what?  I never heard back from him.  LOL!!!  Another day another scammer.

Another Chris Evans Scammer - Is gullable tattoed on my forehead - LOL!!!

Okay, so on Instagram Chris Evans contacted me.  OMG!!  LOL!!!  I knew from the beginning he wasn't real.  I love Chris Evans but so do about 10 million other women.  I was getting ready to go to bed and thought I'd check my phone.  Well, Chris sent me a private message.  I no longer need to use dating site, they are coming on twitter and Instagram for me so I am saving money.  LOL!!! So here is our conversation.  Enjoy it.  I sure did.  I played along big time. I got to use one of my favorite quotes from a movie I love again.  Now, over on Twitter I got a message from Vin Diesel, who I also love.  LOL!!!  Nothing to tell yet but I will keep you posted. I also got contacted by Wentworth Miller.  Now I wasn't sure who he was but I looked him up and he did the serious Prison.  So I'm playing dumb.  As the conversation progresses I'll let you know. I did learn something cool tonight on Pinterest.  If you are chatting with someone online, m