I have a success story!!

On my survey someone suggested sharing success stories from online dating.  So I put the word out.  This is the first one I received.  She and I went to grade and high school together.

"Our story is really pretty simple.  I was living in Belleville at the time, so I said "if someone wanted to meet me, I would buy dinner, on my side of the river."  I had ended my profile with, "If you don't like tattoos, please don't contact me."  He's not a fan of tats, but contacted me any way.

That was on a Friday....over the weekend we had made plans to meet at a Grizzly's game. I bought tickets and hot dogs, he bought the ID bracelet so we could have wine.

We talked and laughed, we have no idea who won the game.

After the game, I kissed his cheek, grabbed his face (gently) and said "I wasn't interested in long term".....we ended up going out on dates with others but always found our way back to each other.

As a side note, he even took pictures of me to use on the site!! HaHa!"

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