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Peacekeeping Mission in Australia? Really?

I didn't know there was trouble in Australia.  There isn't of course.  This is a new one.  Read on.      

"He gave me a quickie and now I need a cigarette."

Well this was a first for me.  Normally these guys want to chat for quite a while before they ask for something.  Well this guy came right out the gate and asked.  Hilarious!!!!!!  Loved it!!!  Read on my friends... So another day in the life of the StargateLady.  :)          

"I'm a CIA Agent" HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Yes my first CIA Agent.  I'm not a CIA Agent virgin anymore.  LOL!!! When he said that I busted out laughing.  I know the people around me had to look at me crazy.  I suppose I should have play along longer with him, but I was really at the airport picking someone up.  So here is CIA Agent, Raymond Douglas.  LOL!!! The conversation starts out on twitter and then moves to Google Hangout.  A lot of hellos.  I guess these guys think you sit at your phone and wait for them to respond.  A, I do have a life and I check messages when I feel like it.  :) And now a word from our sponsors. NEVER SEND MONEY TO SOMEONE YOU DON'T KNOW!!!

"I'm a silly girl? You're married"

I think this story I am going to tell you has to be in the top 5 of all stories I told.  I was eating my lunch at work and responded back to this dude with my photo request.  Well, it got real exciting.  I was laughing so hard.  I know the people near me in the cafeteria had to be wondering what was making me laugh so hard. So here it is, but when I was typing an answer I did a typo and I hope you see it right away. Are you laughing?  I hope so.  I think these foreign guys aren't used to American women who aren't lonely or desperate and can speak for themselves.   Basically calling them out and they just come back with nasty comments.  It's okay, I'm a big girl.  I can take it. Oh yeh, I went to block him on Instagram and he had already blocked me.   Another day, another liar. Keep it real!!!!

Beware of Housing Scams

Okay, this is from my best friend MaryAnn.  Please read it and be aware.  Thanks MaryAnn for letting me share it. Please be aware!! ( lengthy post, but worth reading!) I just want people to be aware of a situation that happened to me today. I was at work, and when I came home, my neighbor informed me, that about 3pm, some guy that was driving a grey corvette, was driving up and down the alley, then proceeded to come into my yard, look around, and started taking pictures of my property. My neighbor happened to come out of her garage and see him, up on my deck, talking to himself, about ho w he would change things here. put in a pool, tear down my trees, etc.   She asked him what he was doing in my yard, and taking pictures?  She said, you need to get out of this yard, some one lives here.   He said my house was listed on Zillow, and I guess she didn't know her neighbors very well.  She then told him, again, he needed to leave. This really creeps me out!  I never used to lock my gat