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Another Blocks Me! LOL!!!

Yes you heard me.  He blocked me.  How dare he.  My feelings are so hurt.  I'm going to cry.  WAH!!! And if you believe that I have some great swamp land for sale.  :) Yes, dear Logan blocked.  Why do these fools get so bent out of shape when you ask for a simple picture of them holding up their 3 fingers.  Why?  Why?  Because they are FAKERS!! FAKER ALERT!  FAKER ALERT! Or to quote one of my favorite old shows, "Danger Will Robinson, Danger!" This conversation happened late last night before I went to bed.  When they blocked me it just tickles me to death.  LOL!!! And here we go...     ELLEN! PLEASE READ MY BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!      

I made a video!!!

Okay so I don't do as many videos as I had planned.  Not that I'm shy or anything.  LOL!  I just had to set aside time to make them. Check it out!

Updated the "Liars Wall of Disdain"

I added more pictures.  I counted and have 40 on the wall.  WOW!!!!! Of course one guy's picture was used by 3 different guys and the most recent guy used a picture I had before.  I had several others and forgot to save the pictures.  My bad.  :) I didn't include Prince Harry, Chris Evans or Chris Pratt fakers.          

I've seen you before. Or actually you're picture.

Well this is the second time this poor dude's picture was borrowed.   As soon as I saw his picture I knew he looked familiar.  So I searched my archives and found it.  I sent it to him.  Well you can read the conversation.  And yes he blocked me.  LOL!!! DON'T SEND MONEY TO SOMEONE YOU DON'T KNOW!!!    

On a more serious note today

As you know while I try to keep you all informed on the ways of the romance scammers and make it humorous, the story I am going to share with you isn't funny.  A girl I work with asked me to share this story of her friend and what happened to her when she met a guy on Plenty of Fish (POF). Please read and view the videos and share this information with everyone.   Blogsite - ....It has two blog posts as follows: Youtube site - First Video naming the rapist and reading police statement - Second Video - opening the evidence box Third Video - burning cer

"Can you help me pay for my internet so I can continue to chat with you?"

I thought I posted this last night but it was late and I was really tired.  LOL!! One thing I notice lately with these romance scammers. If you don't answer them right away they get antsy.   They message and ask if they did something and why I'm not on blah blah blah.   Chill scammers. So here is today's story.  I guess at the end I did get carried away with the Scam Alert jpeg.  Just a bit.  LOL!!! Changed my fake story around a bit.  Trying to be more creative.