Yes I'll send you an iPhone 7, where should I mail it?

Buckle up my friends, this is a really bizarre story.  I am going to post the conversation then I'll share my thoughts and what I really planned to do but as you know things change.

Remember, I am completely lying in this.  I pretended longer that I normally do.


Okay, so today I get a text from his "stepmother".  So he has a scamming partner.  Below is that conversation.

Stepmom Chris

My plan was to mail a box with a note inside that said something like I know you are a scammer and I had planned to use the Police Headquarters as return address so if they searched online they would see it came from Police headquarters.   Maybefreak them out.

Well damn Murphy spoiled my fun and was insistent on the a tracking number for the package.  Plus I was getting ready to meet some friends for dinner.  So I came in the for the kill after his messages getting rude.

Now last night I did email the Police in Marion, OH with a copy of what I had so far in conversation.  Basically I said I think this person maybe a scammer and explained about my blog.  I haven't heard anything yet but I just emailed last night.  I may also send a hard copy in the US mail.

This was a crazy one.  The fact that he even gave me address.  Wow!!!!!!!!!  Go ahead and send junk mail to the address.  LOL!!










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