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"Yes I know you. Faker!"

This was a fun one.  My new story where I pretend like I know him.  LOL!!!

"You have pretty eyes, who did you get them from?" I got them at Walmart.

The pick up lines continue, but this was a different.  I do have great eyes!!  LOL!!!        

"I'm your wife to be?" HAHAHA!!!

Yeh another one bites the dust.  :)      

"You look like my OB-GYN"

Okay, so after a few messages I did a different strategy.  I kind of sucked a little at it but next time I'll start from the beginning with my new strategy.  Read on my friends... So as you can see I pretended like I knew him.  I goofed a little but I promise next time I'll be better.  (He really did look familiar).      

"I was on the radio this morning"

I listen to KLOU every day at work.  This morning the DJ's Billy and Julie were wanting listeners to call in and tell them what their hobby is.  Well you know me, any chance to advertise my blog I'll do it. So I called in.  When it played on the air I recorded it with my iPhone.  Here it is.   [wpvideo 8z9cq0N8]    

"Turnabout is fair play."

Okay, so this guy started a conversation with me a couple of nights ago.  Then today at lunch I had some time to kill, so I chatted with him. There are 3 places in here where I told far fetched stuff. Can you guess those 3 spots?  I'll tell you at the bottom of this blog. I also turned it around and asked him for something.  May try this more often to see how they react.  Hmm. So did you figure out the 3 things?  Well I'll tell you. Getting ready for an orgy I'm a virgin I used to be a stripper No comment from him. It either went over his head or he didn't understand.  Oh well. So I thought I'd ask for a VISA gift card.  I knew I wouldn't get it.  Just curious to see what kind of respond I would get.  May have to try that again.

"Yes I have a fat ass but you have a very small penis."

Yes he called me stupid and a fat ass.  Now yes my butt is big.  Tell me something I don't know.  But I'm not stupid.  I'm a highly intelligent woman.   Good think I'm thick skinner  (Literally).  :) Okay, once again a guy gets pissy because you ask for the specific picture.  I sent mine.  What's the big deal?  Oh I know, because the profile he is using isn't his.  Now I get it. This won't be the first or the last time I get resistance like this.  Bring it on! And now once again for your viewing pleasure.  Mine and Dannie "small penis" Walton. To quote my favorite soap "Like sands through the hour glass this is the days of my life." NEVER SEND MONEY TO SOMEONE YOU DON'T KNOW!!!