"Turnabout is fair play."

Okay, so this guy started a conversation with me a couple of nights ago.  Then today at lunch I had some time to kill, so I chatted with him.

There are 3 places in here where I told far fetched stuff. Can you guess those 3 spots?  I'll tell you at the bottom of this blog.

I also turned it around and asked him for something.  May try this more often to see how they react.  Hmm.




So did you figure out the 3 things?  Well I'll tell you.

  • Getting ready for an orgy

  • I'm a virgin

  • I used to be a stripper

No comment from him. It either went over his head or he didn't understand.  Oh well.

So I thought I'd ask for a VISA gift card.  I knew I wouldn't get it.  Just curious to see what kind of respond I would get.  May have to try that again.

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