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Chris Pratt #4. Yes #4

And now the moment you've been waiting for.  Yes another fake Chris Pratt.  Poor guy.  I know he knows this goes on.  I wonder how many other ladies have had this many Chris Pratt's contact them.  I am on #4 now. Be prepared, you may get a tooth ache from this one with all the sweet talk.  My tooth hurts now just thinking about it.  Ugh! Sit back and enjoy.  We'll talk after. The english with this faker was sooooooo bad.  Does your teeth hurt?  LOL!!! He knew how to pour in on thick with the poems and pictures.  He was very good.  My favorite part was when he asked me to photograph the front and back of my credit card.  LOL!!  I can't believe women would fall for something like this, but they do.  DON'T!!! CHRIS PRATT DOESN'T NEED YOUR MONEY!!!!    

Please fill out my survey

Please take a moment and fill out my survey. Tell you about yourself and what you think of my blog.  Thanks!  

Follow up on “Yes I know you. Faker!”

This is the story where I pretend like I know the guy.  If you haven't read it, please do. Well my co work who works for the cyber security department said I should forward this story to the FBI.  So I did.  I mailed the conversation to the local office.  Mentioned my friends name and where we work. Yesterday I got an email from a lady from the FBI (who also knows my wo worker).  Here is the email I got. Hi Patsy, It was refreshing to be provided information regarding romance scams where NO money was lost! It's also great you take the extra step to notify the banks because they'll review and even close down accounts if they suspect fraud. It wouldn't hurt to notify the dating website of the profile requesting money as well. Let me know if you have any questions and please tell Theresa I say hello. This was nice to hear to back from them.  I saved her email and in the future if anymore scammers share info I will forward it to her. REMEMBER:  DON'T SEND MONEY TO SOMEO

"It's raining Chris Pratts!!!"

Yes it is.  This story I am going to post if from my 3rd Christ Pratt.  This was a quickie.  A crazy one.  He didn't waste time with the sweet talk. He came in the for kill.  LOVED IT!!!! I am currently talking to Chris Pratt #4.  So that story is done yet because we are still communicating. Now this one has emails from a person he referred me to purchase bitcoin.  The emails might hard to follow because Google arranges them weird.  Buy anyway, the fakers crack me up.  LOL And now, Chris Pratt #3. And course Chris Pratt blocked me on twitter.  What a surprise!!!!  

Help me get on the Ellen Show!!

I am a huge fan of Ellen DeGeneres.  What I like is she has real people doing real things on her show.  I am a real person and I love my blog.  I think it's important what I do.  While it is fun for me it also shares important information that needs to get out. So....I need you help!! I've started an online petition.  Please sign it and spread the word to others to have them sign it. Getting on Ellen's show would be so cool.  Not only to meet her but to talk about my blog. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

He caved! He admitted guilt! Then still wants to be friends. Are you kidding me??

So after my last post I thought I would check to see if this guy was on Facebook and sure enough he is.  The real one. I did message him and haven't heard back. And for your reading pleasure... BLOCKED HIM!  

Fabian Christopher update

I just wanted to let you know I heard from the real Fabian Christopher on Facebook.  A co worker of mine read my blog and saw him on Facebook and sent him a private message about someone on twitter using his pictures.  He sent me a note that the person on twitter wasn't him.  Of course I already knew that. Anyway, I want to remind you that if you see any of the guys in the pictures that I post, to never approach them or be mean to them.  They may not realize their pictures are being used or they do and just want to be left alone and not bothered.   They are the innocent victims here.

WARNING: Fake Tyler Perry Facebook page

I love Tyler Perry.  I love his movies.  His movies are entertaining and real.  And of course the beloved Madea.  Who doesn't love her? Well the other day I got a friend request from Tyler Perry on facebook.  I knew it was fake.  If there is not a blue check on their profile, it's not verified therefore it's not a real account. Tyler Perry posted this video today.  Following his instructions I am sharing this.  I ask that you do the same.  Thanks!

"I'm a sailor and I have apartment in Syria." Yeh right.

Ok, I haven't had a sailor in a long time.  I mean online of course.  :)  I think he's my second.  Majority are in the army. You fools, impersonating our military.  Shame on you! I like sharing these screen shots so people can actually see the crap these creeps spew.  To show they aren't who they say they are.   To make sure no one falls for them online. As always... NEVER SEND MONEY TO SOMEONE YOU DON'T KNOW!