Chris Pratt #4. Yes #4

And now the moment you've been waiting for.  Yes another fake Chris Pratt.  Poor guy.  I know he knows this goes on.  I wonder how many other ladies have had this many Chris Pratt's contact them.  I am on #4 now.

Be prepared, you may get a tooth ache from this one with all the sweet talk.  My tooth hurts now just thinking about it.  Ugh!

Sit back and enjoy.  We'll talk after.


The english with this faker was sooooooo bad.  Does your teeth hurt?  LOL!!!

He knew how to pour in on thick with the poems and pictures.  He was very good.  My favorite part was when he asked me to photograph the front and back of my credit card.  LOL!!  I can't believe women would fall for something like this, but they do.  DON'T!!!




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