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"Another Reversee Victim or Victory for me!"

And then of course you ask for the picture and they throw a fit.

"Reversee App Catches Another"

Yes it did.   Love it when I use it and you find the guy has several names.  LOL!! Read and enjoy and learn!!!

"Reversee App Strikes Again!"

Yes I LOVE THIS app!!!  You must download it on your phone!!  MUST MUST MUST!!!!  And it's FREE!!! See the story below and how quickly I get to use it!! So ladies Get this App!!!  And... NEVER SEND MONEY TO SOMEONE YOU DON'T KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!

"James Woods - not the actor"

Yes James Woods contact me.  LOL!  Not the actor.  This guy called me through the google hangout app.  So I took the call.  What the heck?  The vioce was garbled and all I said was "You're not American", then I hung up. I should have stayed on the line but I didn't  He must have forgotten which babe he was talking to because he wants to remind me what he told me earlier.  That he was born in Japan.  A, wrong girl dude. Here we go...

"Dwayne the Rock Johnson and I made an oath" LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!

Yes we made an oath and when you read mine I hope you laugh.  I did typing it.  Hilarious.  And The Rock doesn't talk like this.  LOL!!! Ladies, I hope you are reading these conversations I have.  Don't fall for it!!!  And most importantly, don't send them money!  Block them!  Remember I am a professional.  :) And now, I present Dwayne Johnson   Did you like my oath?  I thought you would.  :)

"You just used this photo yesterday, You need photo shop class as well."

Yes, now I am guessing it was someone else using this poor guys photo but the picture is the same as Dr. Mark.  But this Taylor David.  When I scrolled down his twitter page a gal posted that he was a Nigerian Scammer.  Knew that already. Well as you will see in the conversation I of course Reversee apped him.  LOL!!!  My new lingo. And of course, he is fake.  Which we all knew already but he didn't know I knew.  LOL! So I sent it to him and he blocked me.  I'm so hurt.  NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!   Okay, stay tuned, Dwayne the Rock Johnson and Stormy Daniels have made contact with me on Twitter.  :)  Hang on and let's see what happens.  LOL!   NEVER SEND MONEY TO SOMEONE YOU DON'T KNOW!    

"Dr Mark Richmond - Note: Send Dr. Mark to Photo Shop Class"

Yeah so right away you can tell his pictures are fake. Terrible at photo shopping.  And of course the Reversee App strikes again/  Thanks Candi!!!!!!  Ladies - download this app immediately. Now Dr. Mark wanted to video chat but I didn't accept them at first.  Then when I want to video chat, he wouldn't answer.  Says he can't.  Now five minutes earlier he wanted too.  Scammer!  Make up your mind! And now for your reading pleasure, please read our lovely conversation.  And remember, NEVER SEND MONEY TO SOMEONE YOU DON'T KNOW!!!!!  

New scam!

I sell stuff all the time on facebook's selling pages that are local.  It's easy and most are honest on there.  I SAID MOST!  Here is a new story for you to discuss amongst yourselves. This is what I posted on my blog facebook page. THIS IS GOOD!! Someone is trying to scam me from one of the sell pages on facebook. HILIAROUS! They have no clue who they are dealing with here. So I am selling a DVD set on facebook sell pages. I lower the price this morning and as soon as I get in my car to leave for work I see have a message from someone interested. So I respond back. (See picture). Well this fool emails me back. LOL!! So here is its email to me: “Thanks for responding, I'm ok with the price. i would like you to remove the advert from the list cos i want to make the purchase asap and i dont mind adding extra $50 to delete the ads from the list..Please let me know if a certified check is ok.? After the payment clears, my shipper will come and pick it up at your location.  I wo

"Once again "reverse app" is my best friend"

When it finds the person you are looking for it is AWESOME!!!!!!!! Mark is a Doctor working under the United Nations in Syria.  Let's see I think I've that one um, I can't remember but it's not the first time.  LOL! He actually sent me a video of him cooking.  And if course his voice didn't match the lips.  Dude, I'm not an idiot.  LOL!! I have to figure out how to get it off Hangout and on here.  Give me time on that. Now I know you can't wait to read the conversation.  You're sitting on the edge of yours seats.  Well I won't let you wait any longer.  :)