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"F-_- off!! Yes he said that to me!!!

I guess you could call this a Stagatelady Quickie.  Remember that?  Yes and my virgin ears just couldn't believe such a nasty word was used.  LOL!!!

"Geez, this guy's sweet talk just gave me four cavities"

Yes and he laid it on thick.  I thought I was gonna gag.  It didn't matter what picture he sent, I found it on the Reversee App.  (Loving that app in case you didn't know). So here.  Get ready for a cavity or two. I don't know about you, but I need to brush my teeth.  LOL!! NEVER SEND MONEY TO SOMEONE YOU DON'T KNOW!

"Have you taken your dinner"

Where the heck am I supposed to take it?  Yes he asked me this.  But Reversee App strikes again.  Take a look and laugh with me.

"Oops I did it again!!!"

It's not what you think.  Keep your minds out of the gutter.  LOL!!  What I did was pretend like I knew him and we were old friends and he played along and it didn't take him long to ask for something and you know I did?  Read it and you'll see. Not as crazy as some stories but a good one. Remember!!!! THEY DON'T LOVE YOU!!!  THEY LOVE YOUR MONEY!!!!

My 2 year Blogging Anniversary

Well this month is my second anniversary since I started this blog.   I wanted to do something special and didn't know what to write about. Well ask and you shall receive. This morning I received an email (no not from Ellen) from a man in New York who was concerned about his Aunt communicating online with a guy who says he is in the army on a peace keeping mission (you know the rest).   She is 61 and from the pictures my new friend sent me this guy is younger. Well he wanted my advice on what to do. He found my blog and read some of my stories. Well I called him back. Had an awesome conversation with him about his aunt and my blog. So I told him there are several things he can do: Encourage her to read my blog Have her call me and I will talk to her Contact the FBI Contact the Army I told several of my stories. We chatted for about a half hour. He told me he was good at investigating people. I joked that I would put him on my payroll to help me, of course I don't have a

"Hey everybody it's Arnold!"

This is a short one.  It seems when you use the reverse app on them they tend to not continue the conversation.  I wonder why?  Oh I know, because they are FAKE!!!

"Wow you look gorgeous, I must confess!" I know. :)

Yes he said that.  Makes me laugh. The sweet talk is hilarious.  Not that I don't like sweet talk but not from someone who I've never met.  Now of course if Chris Pratt or Chris Evans want to sweet talk me I'm in.  Wait they did!!!  Or actually it was the fake ones. But I'm talking the real ones!!! So today's guest on the blog is Jeff Miller.  He's in the Army.  (Yeah pull this leg), by now you should know the rest of the line.  Enjoy!  Please laugh!!! And of course he blocked me.  LOL! NEVER SEND MONEY TO SOMEONE YOU DON'T KNOW!!!

A very short Halloween Poem

On Halloween Night, when the candy’s no more Sneak a peak at my blog for laughs and much more My stories are scary but they’ll help you learn Don’t let scammers steal the cash that you earn.