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"I had a reunion with my first scammer!"

Yes, I was looking through POF (Plenty of Fish) and found the very first scammer I encountered in August 2016 on  So what did I do?  Yes I did.  I sent him a message.  Just a hello.  The conversation didn't go very far because today, I went in and he blocked me.  How dare he?  LOL!!!  He ruined my fun. Anyway, here is his picture and profile on there.  Please feel free to send him a message and tell him I said hi.  Suzanne that is.  :)  

I posted a new video

I just posted a video of me explaining the crazy scam that I wrote about when selling stuff online.  I don't think I explained it well on my post.  LOL!!! Check it out!

This was a weird one!

So tonight I was conversing on google hangout with a guy who is in the army and on a peace keeping mission... Anyway, He made mention of some of the guys who follow me on Instagram.  Asking if I am talking to anyone else.  I never thought much of it.  But after the conversation was done for the night, I went to his Instagram page and checked to see who he was following.  Well he was following 5 of my friend (real friends).  That bothered me.  Never had anyone do this before (Or else I never thought to check).  Well I messaged my friends and sent them a screen shot and told them to block him.  I'm not Patsy on Instagram and never post my personal photos on there. Anyway this is a new tip.  If you converse with these goofballs, check out who they follow.  And if they follow your friends, BLOCK BLOCK BLOCK.  And tell your friends too. I always learn something new.  

"Another one gives me bank account info"

Yes I got bank account info again.  Of course I googled the bank or so called bank.  Scammers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What a surprise.  NOT!! Take a read...if you can get through the sweet talk and not get a cavity. NEVER SENT MONEY TO SOMEONE YOU DON'T KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beware of selling stuff online

I am sure you probably are aware the scammer are everywhere.  Even when you are selling stuff online. I may have shared a story before but this one I didn't shut down right away.  I took it further. So I have a consignment business on the side.   I posted a friend's entertainment center on an app called Offerup.  I deleted the conversation too quick to remember to screen shot it. Now, as soon as anyone tells you, (especially on a selling site) when they want to talk to you via text or hangouts, it's a scam.  But I played along.  And when they say I'll have my assistant contact for deliver" RUN AWAY! FAR AWAY! So being the scammer catcher that I am, I continued.  I'll let you read the dialogue and then I'll tell you the rest.   So what I did was give them the address of St. Louis Police Headquarters downtown.  They also sent me fedex info which I will post below from the fedex website. It doesn't show it was delivered though in his message he says they d