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"Another Scammer Reading From Patsy"

I kind of like reading some of these conversations out loud because I think they are even funnier.  So here is tonight's.  I'll post the whole conversation in a bit. Enjoy! SCAMMER BOB Here is the full conversation we had.  I hope you liked the video reading I've been doing.  Let me know if you like or not.  

"George George George of the Jungle"

Okay, so I plan to post the whole conversation with George, but I decided to do a video of me reading the end of the conversation because I thought it was hilarious.    Enjoy!!!   My reading of my conversation with George   Here is the full conversation with George.            

Online Date Share Website is here!!!

Check out this site.  The info is below.  If you want to try online dating, check out this site.  Join the website and get all the member perks.  i.e. sharing stories, finding out who is real or who is a scammer.  A great community! This is not my site but a new contact who reached out to me.  Check it out!!!! OnlneDateShare-Media

"You look so beautiful and charming I guess God spent more time in creating a pretty woman like you." HAHAHAHAHA!

Yes he really did say that to me.  LOL!  Yes I did Laugh Out Loud! Well I ran the fake doctor through the reverse app right away and BOOM!!!   I Love it when it works. So Suzanne plays along.  And then you know what happens.... And if you don't, do read today's story. I think I am due for fake Chris Pratt #6. NEVER SEND MONEY TO SOMEONE YOU DON'T KNOW!!

"Yes I'll send you naked pictures" LOL!

This was actually a first for me.  Actually the conversation stated out BORING!  I guess he thinks we spoke before though I don't remember but I'll have to check my archives.  So yes he loves me and I love him yada yada. Then Saturday when I was working at a flea market, the conversation got juicy.  I was so excited.  I played along.  Or should I say Suzanne played along.  Take a peek.  We'll chat later. Reversse app strikes again.  I had this but was waiting for the right moment.  I wanted to get him worked up and then BAM! Download and use it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's free and as always... NEVER SEND MONEY TO SOMEONE YOU DON'T KNOW!!! And.. NEVER SEND NAKED PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!! They use them to blackmail you.