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"Bathroom Marketing"

Tonight I want to share something different and fun that I do to advertise my blog. What is bathroom marketing?   Well I’ll tell you my definition of it. I have cards and calendars that I make to pass out anywhere to advertise my blog and get people to read it and not fall for these scammers. This one day I was at the Ronnies 20 Cine for a movie, and as always, I have to go to the ladies room before the movie.   Well while sitting and doing my business, I pulled out my cards and started leaving them in the stall.   I put them on the toilet paper dispense and the tank, depending what they have in the bathroom.   Then I started adding my calendars.   My thought is, if you in there for a while, TMI, and you see my card you may take a look at my blog while there.   You know you read in the bathroom at home.   I do. LOL!!   Why not when you’re out for a few minutes. So when I do this I take a picture and post it on my facebook page.   I thought for a little entertainment I w

"I don't know how to say this but its like there is something about you right from when I met you online" Yeh pull this leg and it plays Jingle Bells. LOL!!

Ok so this was a very busy weekend for me and my scammer boyfriends.  I did make a goof.  A kind of funny one.   So I am talking to Aaron.  (The first story I am going post).  We were chatting on google hangout.  All of a sudden I get a call on google hangout so I answer it.  I'm thinking it's Aaron.  He has an accent. I know he's not American so I tear into him.  Then I hang up.  Then I realize it wasn't Aaron.  It was Larry, my other dude.  Major screw up by me.  I'll post Larry's conversation right after Aaron's.  Of course I had to call my best friend and laugh about it.   So here is my conversation with Larry.  Stay tuned right after we'll do Larry next.  (Not to be taken the wrong way that I worded it).  LOL!!!     Ok, so now here is my conversation with Larry. Fortunately the Reversee App worked for me on Larry.  Whew!!   Crazy week