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"Get lost goofy girl"

Yes he said that to me.  I caught him!!!!!!!!!!!!  So he blocks me on google hangout and then I go back on twitter to send one last message. I always get the last word.  :) P.S. - 2nd time this photo was used. 

UPDATED Liars Wall of Disdain

Remember these pictures were stolen off the internet. If you ever see them on the street do not approach them.  They are not the ones scamming.  They are innocent.

"Hi there! I"m Suzanne from St Louis. Hey there scammer" And BLOCK!!

And now another quickie for the books.

Another reading from Online Dating with Patsy

Click on the link to hear me read a conversation with Taylor.   Meet Taylor - A military nurse. NOT! And here is the conversation

"You're #127 on the list of phony guys who have contacted me online." LOL!!

Yes, this girl said that.  Yes I did.  LOL!  This a good one.  I came right out of the starting gate with guns blazed.  LOL!!! Now I'm not sure he was #127 but it sounded good.  I may be very close to that number at this point. So as always, please read the conversation and see how Suzanne socked it to him.  By the way, he blocked me.  Enjoy my friend!! Calling #128!!!!!

"I gave him a quickie"

You know, sometimes, I just like to play along for awhile and others times I just want to come in for the kill right away.  This was one of those times.  Or actually I thought I would just come out right away and with a good opening line.  "Hey Scammer".  LOL!!  And of course the Reversee App comes to the rescue which made it even better.   So read this very short conversation.     


Yes, not just romance scammers, there are so many other scammers.  I posted a story about this before but I have another.   So I'm looking for a new place to move to and rent.  Craigslist is really not what it could be but most know that.  But I look there anyway.   I've noticed when they don't really post pictures and want you to only email them.  RED FLAG!!   Scammer alert!  Yes scammer alert!   Well I know this one was a scammer but I decided to go ahead and play along.  If nothing else for the story I can share here to warn others.    On Craigslist the house is listed as For Rent.  On Zillow it's listed for sale.   So I sent the below email to inquire:   I saw the house on 7032 Eichelberer Dr listed on craigslist.  But I drove and says it’s for sale.  It is for rent, if it is I am very interested.   And here is his response back: THE HOUSE IS AVAILABLE FOR RENT, so you are free to decide on how long you intend occupying it...Rent a