"I just act strange cause am looking for a good woman"

Yeh right.  I have to say one thing about doing my blog, I learn all kinds of new foreign words, though they are bad words I am learning.  LOL!!!

So I was called a "Huj".  Here is the definition.

What is HUJ?

HUJ is "Penis"

HUJ Definition / HUJ Means

The definition of HUJ is "Penis"

The Meaning of HUJ

HUJ means "Penis"

So he called me a penis.  That's a first.

But here is another meaning:
'huj' is a trace string that Russian programmers use instead of 'foo', 'bar' and 'test'. ... Which means "Fuck you","Go to hell". ... When used to show your lack of understanding/when you cant care to explain to your wife what she/you did with her ...

So I guess he doesn't like me?  LOL!!!

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