"Julie Powell, she cooked every recipe in the Julia Child Cookbook and blogged about it.  She did it in one year.  She loved Julia Child and loved cooking."

When I found out she passed away I just started crying.  I didn't realize it would hit me this hard.  She is the reason and my inspiration to want to start a blog.

The movie "Julie and Julia" starring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams is one of my favorite movies.  It is my blog bible.  When I need inspiration, I watch the movie.  When I want a good laugh, I watch the movie.  And basically watch it every chance I get.  LOL!!!

I followed her on twitter.  I would always tag her on all my twitter posts about my blog.  Hoping one of those time she would maybe reach out to me.  I did post a comment one time about the movie and she did respond back.  It was so cool.  If you've seen the movie, there is a seen which is called the "Ritual Cobb Salad Lunch."  I had asked her if that really happened.  She said no, it was just put in the movie.  She said she hated that scene.  I always had more questions I wanted to ask but didn't want to seem like a stalker.  LOL!!!!

I think I was in awe of her the way she was in awe of Julie Child.

I did find her address and sent her a shirt and letter but I never heard anything back.  Ok, I am a fan girl.  LOL!!!

In the movie, Julie loved Julia Child and cooking.  Now, in heaven, she will finally meet her idol.  

I plan to dedicate my blog to Julie Powell. 

RIP Julie Powell!!!!

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