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Don’t Let Romance Scammers Break Your Heart this Valentine's Day

Romance scams occur when criminal actors deceive victims into believing they are engaging in a trusting relationship. They use that relationship to persuade victims to send money, provide personal and financial information, or purchase items for them. In 2021, the FTC reported that victims lost more than $547 million to romance scams. These schemes affect victims from all demographics.  The FBI offers these warning signs of the actors and their schemes:  Immediate attempts to communicate by email or messaging services outside of a dating site  Claims to be from the U.S. but is currently living or traveling abroad  Claims that being introduced was “destiny” or “fate”  Reports a sudden personal crisis and pressures you to provide financial help  Disappears suddenly from a site, but reappears under a different name  Asks for money, goods, or other types of financial assistance without having met in person  The best defense against romance s

FBI Atlanta warns of romance scammers ahead of Valentine's Day

KMOV Channel 4 in St Louis posted this on their web page yesterday.  This is from a TV Station in Atlanta Georgia.  Check if out!   FBI Atlanta warns of romance scammers ahead of Valentine's Day

Check out my interview on the MF Uncensored Podcast

Here is the link, be sure to check out their other shows as well. MY INTERVIEW ON MF UNCENSORED