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I am getting really good at catching pictures that have been photo shopped.  As you know, I always ask the "boyfriends", to take their picture with 3 fingers by their face.  Well this guy did it.  Sort of.

Let's take a closer look at the picture comparison.

I could tell the head in the picture on the left, didn't completely look right.  So I used the wonderful Reversee app on my phone and ran the picture through and found the picture on the rights.  Which shows the original picture with a different head.  Imagine that.

So as always I send it back to him, call him a scammer, send him one of my scammer jpgs and then block him!

One thing I did want to share, on Instagram, if you go to one of these guys profiles and write "scammer" on each picture and then block them, they can't see it but other women will.  I have had several reach out to me the last few months asking about this.

I always warn them, send them the link to my blog, and then go my merry way.

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