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More fakers!!! (12/3/2016)

Okay, I don’t know what it is, but more and more fakers are coming out of the woodwork. I think since my last post I had about 4 more guys claiming to be in the army. I may have said this before but it I’ve read they target women over 50 and who are lonely. Well, this chick isn’t lonely or desperate. But of course they don’t know that. J

I have another one today who claims to be in the army. I’ll let him tell me all about himself and then I’ll slap him with my story about how many guys on here have said they are in the army and really aren’t.

Again, this is disgrace to our military men and women.

I have a great idea on a dating website. No written profiles!! It should be videos. You have to record a video of yourself where you talk about yourself. What better way to show who you are. I think you would get a better picture of the person and hear their voice and hear them speak. Being fake would be harder. I know some will try but maybe this would slow them down. I love this idea. I work in the IT department I should see if anyone is interested in creating a sight like this and I could run it. Any takers? I’m serious!!!!!

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