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New scam! (9/14/2018)

I sell stuff all the time on facebook's selling pages that are local.  It's easy and most are honest on there.  I SAID MOST!  Here is a new story for you to discuss amongst yourselves.

This is what I posted on my blog facebook page.

THIS IS GOOD!! Someone is trying to scam me from one of the sell pages on facebook. HILIAROUS! They have no clue who they are dealing with here.

So I am selling a DVD set on facebook sell pages. I lower the price this morning and as soon as I get in my car to leave for work I see have a message from someone interested. So I respond back. (See picture).

Well this fool emails me back. LOL!! So here is its email to me: “Thanks for responding, I'm ok with the price. i would like you to remove the advert from the list cos i want to make the purchase asap and i dont mind adding extra $50 to delete the ads from the list..Please let me know if a certified check is ok.? After the payment clears, my shipper will come and pick it up at your location.  I would have loved to come and take a look but I can't. My shipper will though. If you can get back to me with your details I'll get the check out asap. Need your full name and address, and your telephone number.”

So my response is I only take paypal or cash. And its response back is “I would have love to pay you with cash, but it is due to my work shedule but i want to assure you a legit transaction ok..and it is after you get the check cash my mover will come for the pick up..pls kindly let me know if you are willing to sell for me?”

Right out of scammer 101. So now here is my response back. “You’re a scammer. No thanks. I’ve heard this before.” And I send another one, “PayPal is online if you are serious. Nobody accepts checks from someone they don’t know”

Perhaps I should have given it the address to the FBI in St. Louis and them send the fake check there.   LOL!!!

Also as soon as I noticed I couldn’t view their profile on facebook and it wouldn’t let me send a message back through messenger I know this person was a scammer but I played along. That’s what the stargatelady does best. 😊

So this a warning, watch out for stuff like this too. Peace out!

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