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3/30/2023 - A GRINDR STORY - BE WARE!!!!

I spoke to a man called Max, who wants to warn everyone about a new scam.  One of which I never heard of.  Like I said I learn new stuff all the time.

Max went on Grindr to find a male partner.  Max and this man texted back and forth and then someone how the Grindr man got all this man’s personal info and sent it to him and threatened him and said to send him money.  Max said that when they were texting this man must have taken screen shots of their conversation and sent it to him saying he was going to share it.  Max didn’t send any money but was scared and feared for his family’s safety.  Max never responded back, and he never heard from the guy again. 

Another time Max went on Grindr to find a male partner again, and the same thing happened again. 

So, this seems to be a new scam.  They threatened you by having all your personal info and pictures and then demand money from you, but don’t ever follow up with you.  Is this someone just playing games or is it real.  I don’t know.   But it sounds scary.

So please be careful with dating apps.

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