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I get the occasional connection request and when I look at their profile if I suspect them to be a scammer, I block them.

Well, I have a good story here.

Not sure how long ago this person linked up with me.  But today I get this in my personal email:

So I looked at my Linkedin connections to see if I was connected.  I wasn't.  So i got curious but just blocked and deleted the email.  (Before I did that I copied this info in case I was going to share it with you all). I wondered how he got my email address if we aren't connected on Linkedin.  To see contact info you have to be connected.

A few minutes later on Linkedin, I get a private message from someone, but it is not this guy.  See the conversation below.

So when she asked if I got her email, I put 2 and 2 together.  And as you can see she/he never responded back to me.  So I blocked this person on Linkedin. (Since she and I were connected, she had access to get my email address).

Below is her profile on Linkedin:

Crazy!  Crazy!  Crazy!

So beware on Linkedin!

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