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6/10/2022 - Phone Scam! Beware!!!

For several years I would get a phone call and this guy always asks for Amanda.  Same guy every time.  American.  But the number changes.

In the past I either hung up on him or many times told him Amanda died.  

Well today I got the call again.  I said Amanda wasn't here so I can help you.  And he said maybe you can help me.

So I think he was trying to collect for some police department thing.  I kept using my NO noisemaker and he kept talking.  Finally at the end he laughed and hung up.

Well I tried to call it back and a recording said it was the Fundraising Center.  The number this time was 816.307.2693.  

I suspect this is a scam.  But unless you are sure of the organization, don't make donations over the phone.

If he calls again, I will add the phone number here.

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