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And due to me knowledge of scams, she knew instantly that it was one.  So I guess you are wondering what is was.

Well, she got a letter from a lawyer in Canada.  About a relative of hers (which he wasn't), having left his money and no family to inherit it.  LOL!

See the letter below:

Now when I first saw this, the letterhead didn't seem legit to me.  And his using a gmail address was another red flag for me.  Also, the website seems legit but at the very bottom of the website it was copyrighted 2022.  The site looks real.  Has really pictures of lawyers.

Below is the envelope that the letter came in.  Has a Buffalo, NY postmark.  Meaning it didn't come from Canada.  And No return address.  Imagine that????

Now I used the Reversee App on my phone and here is what came up when I searched the Lawyers pictures.

So I then googled the law firm Henrickson Bachman & Associates.  Funny how the site is exactly the same as the original one on the letter with just the change in name and one additional lawyer added.

Then I googled the other law firm mentioned Njuguna KJ & Co and this one is based in Kenya.  No photos of lawyers like the other ones.

Both are also copyrighted 2022 sites.

So in all in all, these scammers were pretty sharp in their creating fake web sites.

I also consulted with a lady in my area who is a Special Agent for the Eastern District of Missouri, Department of Justice.  And below was her response.

Fraud Alert! Fraud Alert!

You and your friend should trust your instincts. There are a number of red flags to consider. They are: (1) numerous grammatical errors; (2) postmark of Buffalo, NY for a Canadian bank; and (3) failure to name the bank. Most importantly, your friend should consider her lack of familiarity with the beneficiary.

I would imagine that the part of Canada where this bank is located has unclaimed property requirements similar to those governing banks in the US.

In my opinion, this is something to go in the round file. 

So, long story short, some of these scammers are pretty savvy.  Be cautious, be careful.  And remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is a scam.


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