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A wonderful lady sharing her story with me. (10/26/2017)

I received this message in my facebook messenger and I wanted to share it.


Hi Patsy. I am so thankful that I googled Paul Lab and came across your blog. I suspected him right from the start. I'm wondering if you also were contacted by a Stewart Clisby supposedly in the army in Poland and to be retired in 3 months. He's and incredible piece of work as well. I am so glad that you are getting the message out to vulnerable women. thank you so much. I'll attach a photo of Stewart Clisby.


 My response back:


Hi Suzanne - so nice to meet you. No He doesn't look familiar. I am surprised because I've become a magnet for these guys. LOL!!!


Her response:


Nice to meet you as well Patsy. Then you probably will meet him. He was madly in love by the third email. Very long romantic messages and as much as I would tell him that I was uncomfortable with that sort of talk from a stranger he just persisted. Finally stopped all contact with me when I told him that he shouldn't speak to women in a way that he wouldn't want a strange man to communicate with his daughter if he had one. I've learned now that when someone contacts me and so very quickly removes his profile from POF that it is a red flag. Thank goodness my gut instinct rules me. Have a good evening.


Here are the pictures she sent me:

I love hearing from others and reading their stories.  It's nice to know I'm not the only one.  

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