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/And I know you're gay (12/27/2017)

Okay, here is a goodie.  Not as crazy as some but a good story to tell. 


This guy contacted me on Twitter (like they all do now).  Sweet talk, yada yada.  So I look  him up on facebook and he does have an account.  Funny part of this story is, the guy on facebook is gay and has a post that says someone is impersonating him on twitter and that everyone knows he is gay so if you receive messages from him, he is a scammer.  Oh I just had to play with this one a little.  I did message the real guy on facebook to tell him but it was before I saw his note on his facebook page.  then I sent him the link to my blog.  So far he hasn't read it.


So let's begin the conversation history.  Please note that I have started to play their game and lie about myself here and there.   I've started saying how lonely I am to get the conversation going.  As you all know I am the last person to be lonely.  :)

I finally blocked him on Christmas Eve.  He was never going to send me the picture I asked for.  Plus all these photos he stole from the facebook of the real guy.

Say tuned, I know I'll have another story.

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