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And now Guy # 3 - George (3/2/2017)

Now the other 2 contacted me first on POF, but this one I contacted. I saw he claimed to be in the army so I sent him a message to see what would happen. Well after 2 mornings of just hellos and how are you, today was more interesting. This is the text we exchanged today. And this was a first for me. I hope you can read this. I did screen shots into power point and then saved it as a jpeg.

After the last message I blocked him from texting me. I noticed yesterday when I went onto POF he had blocked me on there.

But this is the first time they actually asked me for something. I laughed when I read it. Just when things get boring something fun happens.

I can't stress enough to the ladies out there (and men) don't fall for this. Never send money or anything to someone you've never met. NEVER!!!

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