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Another success story (7/23/2017)

I met Sally on the Next Door app for our neighborhood. She sent me a private message and we've chatted several times about the crazy people on dating site. Below is her success story that she shared with me.

"I met Dave on POF or Plenty of Fish. We talked a few times and decided to meet for dinner. I had some medical issues that I told him about before meeting and seemed to accept them. He told me about his, but after talking to him, I forgot all about those. We met for dinner and instantly connected. We laughed and talked and decided to go for a drive to talk some more. That is when I finally realized he was missing a leg. Call me the unaware. We started dating and talking regularly, I was spending weekends with him and really getting to know each other. I guess you can say I was really falling for him, my feelings ran deep. When he told me he loved me, the dog and I were playing on the floor and it shocked me. I looked up and had tears in my eyes, it touched me that deeply. We loved cooking together, just snuggling together on the couch and we were starting to get me involved in some of his favorite hobbies. I will never forget the day he looked at me and said “I love you but I do NOT want to get married again.” I was fine with that. I understood the feelings.

We were just getting geared up to be a “couple” and have him meet my family and vice versa when he suddenly passed away from a heart attack. His last words to me were “You make me feel like a King.” I guess I did something right, I made his last days happy. I know he made me happy the entire time we were together."

Thank you Sally for sharing your beautiful story. I am sure Dave is looking down from heaven and smiling.

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