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Another success story!!! They say timing is everything. It was with Brian and Debby. (7/18/2017)

They say timing is everything. It was with Brian and Debby.

I’ve known Brian since the 80s when we worked together. After his wife Sue passed away he took time to move on. When he was ready to date again he decided to join a dating site. He joined

He had several dates but no sparks with any of them. One girl he went out with they met at a parking lot and he drove them to Sikeston to eat at Lammerts (Home of the Throwed Rolls). As soon as they came back to her car, she couldn’t get out of the car fastest and into her car. Brian had no idea what was going on. Like all us in the dating scene you think you’ll never meet anyone.

Then came along Debby. She messaged him first on Match. She wasn’t in the age range he was looking for. She missed the cut off by one year. But she went ahead and messaged him. When Brian saw the message, he checked out her picture and profile and was definitely interested. He couldn’t wait to meet her.

They went out and the sparks were there. They dated for a while. Debby her some personal stuff that she didn’t want to burden Brian with so she said they should go their separate ways. They were a part for a year. But Brian didn’t give up. He would send her cards and the occasional text.

Then on New Year’s Day he sent her a text that said, “Wishing you a happy New Year with love and happiness.” They started texting after that and it brought them back together and they’ve been together ever since.

During their separation Brian did date but they just weren’t Debby. He knew she was the one.

When I posted that I was looking for success stories Brian was the first to reply. Thanks Brian and Debby for sharing your story with me.

This is just the sweetest story and I couldn’t be happier for them.

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