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Are you kidding me? 8 guys who pretend to be in the army!!! (11/23/2016)


Okay, since I last posted I've had several more guys claiming to be in the army. OMG!!!

Well today's guy, and this was one I messaged first on POF. We sent a few messages back and forth and then asked about a chat place so I told him about Google hangout. So we went there and exchanged messages. These guys need to come up with new stories. Well this time I got google hangout on my laptop and I copied the conversation to share it. Here it is...

SAM: Hi Pastsy

PATSY: Hello. And it's Patsy. So what do you do for a living?

SAM: I am U.S Army and you are?

PATSY: I am a secretary. Thank you for your service.

SAM: That's very good working too. So for how long you have been working as Secretary so far?

PATSY: Since I was 18. What do you do in the army.

SAM: I am into Mechanical/Computer Engineering. That's my MOS,I am also an E-9 Sergeant Major. That's my rank..I work in the Senior department of the Military..

I'm Samuel Morrison Lopez , a nice and easy going person with an open wild heart. Tolerating, understanding and jovial. I've been a Single for 6 yrs now. I have 1 beloved Son who is 15 yrs old of age name call by Micheal the source of my happiness

PATSY: I have a daughter. I read on your profile that you're a widow. What happened to your wife

SAM: That's good and how old is your daughter.

My wife had a car accident

PATSY: I am so sorry. So where are you stationed.

I can't chat too much longer. I have to bake 2 pies for tomorrow.

SAM: I work in the US Army as a peace keeping soldier. Even at this moment of being in communication with you, am on a mission with my troops here in Afghanistan now. We've been here 4 months 2 weeks now and will be out back to the STATE in 8 weeks times because am working on my retirement papers.

PATSY: Where do you plan to retire. Your profile says you in Fenton.

Who takes care of your son while you're deployed.

SAM: Yes, Fenton is where I was grow up.but I about to relocate myself in anywhere I could found my real soul mate to share the rest of my life with.

My Son is in boarding house in UK LONDON.. He school teacher's be taking care of him

I have to go pick up my daughter. We can chat more later (after I make my pies).

SAM: Oh okay.

can I no the time we can chat back again now. because I will be going to training ground

These guys really need to write better. I could tell from the first couple of sentences he wasn't real. All the message are similar.

I'll be back with more stories.

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