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Beware of Housing Scams (3/3/2018)

Okay, this is from my best friend MaryAnn.  Please read it and be aware.  Thanks MaryAnn for letting me share it.

Please be aware!! ( lengthy post, but worth reading!)I just want people to be aware of a situation that happened to me today. I was at work, and when I came home, my neighbor informed me, that about 3pm, some guy that was driving a grey corvette, was driving up and down the alley, then proceeded to come into my yard, look around, and started taking pictures of my property. My neighbor happened to come out of her garage and see him, up on my deck, talking to himself, about how he would change things here. put in a pool, tear down my trees, etc.   She asked him what he was doing in my yard, and taking pictures?  She said, you need to get out of this yard, some one lives here.   He said my house was listed on Zillow, and I guess she didn't know her neighbors very well.  She then told him, again, he needed to leave. This really creeps me out!  I never used to lock my gates, but I guess I need to start.  I'm thankful my neighbor was home!

Description of person involved – Age: 40-50, Sex: male

Response from my alderman-There are all sorts of scams in this world which we live today and one is where scammers will list a photo of a home, either for sale or rent, for a real inexpensive price, in hopes that some unknowing person will pay them a deposit, only to discover later that the listed property was not theirs to sell and the presumed buyer/renter has just been scammed out of his/her hard earned money. This could be the case here.

Please be aware of your surroundings, and look out for your neighbors!

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