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A friend of mine posted a story on Facebook this past week and posted 2 phone numbers that were used to try and scam her 89 year old dad. Luckily he sent nothing.

If you tune into my nightly Tik Tok Lives I actually call phone numbers that my followers sent me that were used by scammers. I usually get voice mail or the number is no good. Originally when I started calling the numbers I would leave a crazy message about looking for husband as my alter ego Suzanne Sugarbaker. Well a couple of weeks ago I changed it. I would call the number and me and several followers in boxes would sing the song Soft Kitty from Big Bang Theory and at the end they would all meow and we would hang up.

Well this past Thursday I called one of the numbers my friend posted. Below is a link to the video of the call. Check it out. And after there is more I can share.

So I sent as message to my friend Tony from Tik Tok (@antoniotonybigboss). He has an investigation company. And below is what he found out about the phone number I called.

"That person that you sent me with that phone number that person is a scammer and he is in Houston Texas He's got a group of them that works with him that does scamming people because that number is even on the list of scammers. I show the FBIs out there cuz I sent them some information to check out and they told me that this is not the first time with these people they've done this to other people other The FBI is doing more investigation on them to see what other scams they've done"

I found my conversation with this scammer a little creepy. Most of them time it's just me being goofy but this one was different. When I ran his phone number through Been Verified and said he was in Houston, Texas, and he asked several times why I thought that. I had to think fast and make up some shit. Which I am pretty good at.

This is one of those times where I really feel like I have helped someone along with Tony to verify the info for me. And all the others friends I have made on Tik Tok who help me educate others so they don't fall for online romance scammers.


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