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"Can we make video call so that you can stop calling me scam?" (10/18/2019)

Yes we did video chat.  Whenever I do this with this fools it is hilarious.  But I'll tell you about that after you read this.

Okay so we moved to google hangout so we can video chat.  These guys suck at it.  It before I was going to bed so I didn't have any lights on while on my phone.  So he calls a couple of times and I answer and he hangs up.  (As you can see on the slide above).  So finally he calls and has a very bad video of what could be guy without a shirt on.  But the voice totally didn't match.  He was talking but the guy in the video didn't say much.  And of course it was a foreign voice.  He kept saying he couldn't see me.  Probably because I wouldn't let him.  

This was so poorly put together.  I'm just shaking my head.  

Please don't send money to these fools!!!!!!!!!!!!

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