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Guy # 1 Tony Williams (3/2/2017)

Okay, I couldn’t wait to get home from work today so I blog about a couple of guys. I will do separate blogs for each of them.

The first one is Tony Williams. (If that’s his real name). I have to share the 2 emails I got from him. This is the first one:

On Mar 2, 2017, at 2:32 AM,


I jut need to remind you about my profile or our chat also tell you more about myself, My name is Tony Williams, I am 56 years old. I am Irish National but i live and here in Lake, St.Louis Missouri. Am divorced because my best friend slept with my wife and i do not want to remember that day because life goes on > > I have one Daughter who live away from my home and her name is Linda and she is 10 years old. Well I do really wished to know you better and to meet you one of these days. I do not care about distance as traveling is one of my hobbies. I do travel every month because of the kind of job I do. I am a mechanical / Electrical Engineer by profession and work in a shipping line as the director of operations. I have been with the company for 11 years > > I`m an athletic build, mentally stable, physically fit, a bunch of laughs, warm, caring, honest, a good listener, God Fearing, and a positive person. I am real easy person to talk to and a loving and outgoing father. I enjoy playing sax which i do often at my leisure time. I like going to the movies, or watching movies in my room or Cabin, I like swimming, listening to music and dance to any kind of music, i sing, sailing, going bowling and also a good cook. I am a family oriented person, love children and there is more, but it would be better for you to find some things out for yourself. Looking forward to hear from you about yourself and please take good care of yourself and have a wonderful day while waiting for your response.

I care,


And here is the second one I received this morning:

Hello Charla,

I was so much excited to read your mail and thanks so much for taking your time to write me in spite of your busy schedule. Content of mail well understood and noted.

I am confident you are in good health. Honestly, there is so much I want to tell you and so many things I want to ask you, I don't know where to start I am new at this online dating thing so please understand if I am a little awkward at it. I am writing this message to you not for the fun of it, but because I want you to take some time for yourself and read carefully.

Let me start by saying that I thank God since I met you. As you may have known, the fountain of any relationship must spring up in the mind. It is very important for me to express to you how much you really mean to me. I wish I could do this in person while gazing into your eyes, but since we are physically separated by distance of emptiness, this expression must come in the form of letters such as this. To me, you are first of all my friend and then something more greater in the near future. God willing. To be honest with you, I am really short of words here, but one thing I do know is that I have the arms to give you a hug, ears to listen to whatever you want to talk about through chat, mail or phone, and I have a heart; a heart that is aching to see your smile. I would like to use this opportunity to say I am delighted to have met you.

To tell you more about me, I am an honest, kindhearted, hardworking man who does need the support of a loving woman. Ideally, l am someone who is confident in what he want and who he is. We all face tough situations in our lives and we sometimes tend to be mislead by it. A lot of times we often tend to give up. In this life, I have chosen to give up numerous times but I am proud to say that I have also chosen to stay strong and be patient all these years. which has now led to my finding you. He who seek happiness; they say, by changing anything but his own disposition will waste his life in fruitless efforts and multiply the grief which he purposes to remove. Your living is determined not so much by what life brings you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens. This is the reason I have decided to move on in life in spite of my incalculable loss.

Yes! Distance doesn't permit the action to be seen, rather, words convey the feelings when distance hinders. No matter the distance that separates us now, I can assure you that this gap will be bridged as we really get to know each other. As the saying goes: "True Love and Friendship knows no boundaries and no distance; miles and obstacles mean absolutely nothing in the face of love" Though miles may lie between us right now, we'll never be apart forever, for friendship doesn't count the miles, it's measured by the heart.

Now that dishonesty and disbelieve seems to be taking over our souls these days, to know there are people like you makes all the problems look smaller It’s great to be your friend and to be able to look into the future and see a mix of serenity and hope. This fairly recent friendship is something I consider to be sacred already. It makes me have faith again in some simple but fundamental human values which sometimes; for the lack of practice, we swipe under the carpets of our memories and of our hearts. For me, this new friendship is precious and that’s why I will intend to keep it till the end of my days. I believe we can achieve that, because I have faith in you and I have more and more faith in life and in the future. Those who have a friend like you fear nothing. Always bear in mind that my affection and true friendship will be yours forever.

My job will be taking me to Australia by Saturday (Sailing for a month and I will really like us to line of contact open so as to know each other better) Take good care of your self and have a wonderful day.

Hug and sweet kisses.



Are you laughing yet? Well first I am not Charla. I emailed him back and asked if he was emailing the right girl that Charla wasn’t my name.

Then at lunch I wrote this back to him:

I don't think you are real or sincere. I think you are a scammer so please don't contact me anymore.


And I haven’t heard back. Which I didn’t expect too. The wording and the way he writes shows he isn’t an American. Now he’s not in the army but these nut balls are out there.

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