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He forgot we already texted. LOL!!! (7/2/2017)

This one is short. Unfortunately I didn't keep all the texts to copy here. He wanted to get off site to chat as they all do.

Here's a tip. When they give you phone number, go to another phone like a work number and dial it. What happens is it will go to a recording for you to announce your name. It doesn't go through to the person or two voicemail. One of the services for this if through Google. I can't remember the other.

Anyway, they are fake. Add that to the list of tips I've published earlier. :)

Funny thing about this one. We texted a for a bit must have forgotten who he was chatting with. LOL! You'll see his comment and mine below.

He's history and has been added to the Liars Wall of Disdain. :)

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