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"Hello pretty lady" "Hello ugly man" (8/24/2019)

Okay so this dude spoiled my fun.  He blocked me just when it started getting good.  Boo hoo!!

Any here's the conversation, it is long.  This was over several weeks.  But we'll talk after.

So, here we go....

Ok, now that you read the conversation, let's talk.

So in my creative mind I thought I would tell him I won $50K in the lottery.  Yes I was baiting him.  But he didn't ask for money. 

Now I had fun at lunch the one day telling him I would fly to him.  Didn't know he would have me email his "general" to get him home.  LOL!!!  It took a couple of days and he finally sent me the email and what to say.  Of course it wasn't a military account it was a gmail account.  I did search the general and he is real. 

I think my mistake was in the email I added in my last name (Sugarbaker)  I should have left it at Suzanne.  A friend said perhaps he googled Suzanne Sugarbaker and Delta Burke from Designing Women showed up instead. 

Or perhaps he wanted to string me along and break my hear.  Wah!!!!!!!!!!

The world may never know.


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