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I am being interviewed!!! (2/12/2017)

Exciting news!!!! Every so often I try to publish my blog around different places on facebook and the internet. Last week, I sent it in a message to KSDK channel 5 St. Louis's facebook page. The next morning I got a message from them from Pat McGonigle from Today in St. Louis. We spoke on the phone and he wanted to interview for their show on Valentines Day. OMG!!!

Well he came to my house on Friday morning and was there over an hour. He is so nice and I got tell some of my stories about my online dating stories. I am so excited. It is supposed air this Tuesday at 6 am sometime during the hour show. I am hoping they put a link on their web page so I can share it here for everyone to see.

Thanks for reading my blogs and continue reading. Love you all!!!

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