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"I don't know how to say this but its like there is something about you right from when I met you on

Ok so this was a very busy weekend for me and my scammer boyfriends.  I did make a goof.  A kind of funny one.


So I am talking to Aaron.  (The first story I am going post).  We were chatting on google hangout.  All of a sudden I get a call on google hangout so I answer it.  I'm thinking it's Aaron.  He has an accent. I know he's not American so I tear into him.  Then I hang up.  Then I realize it wasn't Aaron.  It was Larry, my other dude.  Major screw up by me.  I'll post Larry's conversation right after Aaron's.  Of course I had to call my best friend and laugh about it.


So here is my conversation with Larry.  Stay tuned right after we'll do Larry next.  (Not to be taken the wrong way that I worded it).  LOL!!!

Ok, so now here is my conversation with Larry.

Fortunately the Reversee App worked for me on Larry.  Whew!!


Crazy weekend!  And I still have four other on the lines.  Hopefully I do a better job of keeping them straight.  LOL:!


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