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Just a few words... (4/9/2020)

And if you know my by now I am not a woman of few words.  But tonight, I was trying to work on a way to organize all my pictures I have of the scammers I've encountered the last 3+ years.  I decided to set up a database so I can access the picture easier.

As I work on this and look at all the pictures I have collected, I think to myself, 30+ years ago I could have been one of these women who would have sent these boneheads money.  Feeling lonely and desperate for love.  I was like that once.  To admit it out loud and write about it on here for all the world to read is not easy.  I am thankful that the internet and social media wasn't around back then.  I could have easily fallen prey to these boneheads.

I truly do understand how women could fall for the sweet talk and them telling you how beautiful you are.  If it's not something you rarely or ever hear.  

I did marry in 1996.  I was never really happy.  It wasn't what I thought marriage to be.  Maybe I just fantasized too much of what it should be.  More likely I married the wrong man.  It happens ladies.  And it's okay.  I learned so much from it. I learned what I would and wouldn't put up with.  It made me a much stronger person.  Maybe a little hard sometimes.  I always joke that I never want to marry again but I love going to weddings and receptions.  But that is true.  I do love weddings and receptions.    

My point of sharing this information about me to you all???  Well I do have a fun fun time messing with these guys.  I love being creative in my responses to them.  I love all the crazy ways I go to advertise it.  I love sending out cards and letters about my blog to the media.  Yes I want to go on the Ellen show.  I want more of my local radio stations to talk to me about.  Why?

Besides my charming personality, this is an important issue.  These romance scammers have to be stopped.  I can't stop them by myself.  But I like to think I am doing my part by sharing all the stories and conversations I have with these boneheads so women (and men) can see how they talk to you and how they are only after your money.  I am very serious in this fight but I want you all to enjoy it as well.

So, my point of this post is yes I love doing this and have so much fun and will continue to make it fun for everyone, but this is also serious and in NO WAY am I ever making fun of this or to anyone who falls for their schemes

Ladies remember this and repeat it yourself every day:


  • I AM SMART!!






Ok, so this was longer than I planned.  What can I say? I'm a gabber! 


So now I have more stories to work on.  My phone was blowing up today with new "boyfriends" who want my money (that I don't have).  LOL!!!

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